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These guys have absolutely saved our lives this morning. We have been using them for years and have always been able to depend on them. Last night before closing, our server crashed and we could not access our patient and client records. This can be a disaster in the line of business we are in due to needing to know pertinent patient information. I called Advanced Computer Technologies first thing in the morning and they were here in a very timely manner. We have our software backed up every night, but they didn't even have to access that. They were able to remove our hard drive from the server and connect it to another computer and get our practice software up and running before we had our first surgery ready to go. Not only that, he called back later and told me about a desk top that he could get at an extremely reasonable price that would be better suited to be a server. I appreciate them so much for their quick action this morning and thought all of you should know just how reliable and professional they are.